Graphics Printing

By using our 12-Color large format printer, an incredibly large color spectrum is produced for works of fine art, photography, graphic and proofings that seek the highest possible standards for image reproduction.
  • We are able to print sizes up to 24" by 144" (prints contain a 18" padding)
    • Example: Print Size of 18" x 24" would have an Image size of 17 34" x 23 34"
    • Certain materials, such as Canvas, will have an image size the same as the selected print size, as well as a print size larger than the selected print size due to the noted added margin during printing
  • For a material or size other than what is available, please contact us for a custom quote
Paper Types:
  • Canvas
    • Popular choice for photos and reproductions of fine art. Has a coarser texture and is more durable than most other paper choices, we believe the texture provides a great painting-like quality.
  • Photo (Luster)
    • Prints show rich, saturated colors, deep blacks, great detail, loss of gloss across the surface is minimized and has been known to show less fingerprints.
  • Photo (Metallic)
    • Silver tone and high gloss, similar to being printed on metal. The metallic look is more noticeable against very dark and very light colors.
  • Photo (Rag)
    • 100% cotton based, rated best for archival purposes for its longevity in comparison to other materials and has been noted to show greater detail in higher resolution prints.

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